Front Porch Center for Innovation & Wellbeing

The leading edge of meeting needs.

FPWeb_180x180_techcenter.4d87e38f3bcc9Live life your way – that’s the Front Porch promise. We’re here to empower you with as many choices as possible to realize your dreams. And that includes harnessing technology solutions that support and enhance your wellbeing and help you thrive.

Introducing the Front Porch Center for Innovation and Wellbeing, where residents, staff, research partners and technology companies can collaborate to identify potential opportunities, test them out, find the ones that work and then rapidly deploy these solutions.

This is not technology for technology’s sake, but specific applications that help assist in maintaining brain health, enhance social connectedness, give people control over their own health, prevent emergencies, and increase resources and support to caregivers.

For example, after starting with just a few units, Front Porch is now one of the largest Dakim BrainFitness installations nationally. Dakim is a touch-screen system that helps sharpen mental acuity and fight the onset of dementia with fun “brain fitness” exercises.

Front Porch also collaborates with Intel-GE Care Innovations™ to create solutions that meet evolving business and consumer needs. These solutions are designed to help Front Porch optimize resources, attract and serve more people, while empowering consumers to play an active role in their wellness and independence.

And we’re helping to sponsor resident Wii Bowling teams and tournaments that not only allow residents to bowl virtually, but also gives us a great opportunity to study a virtual community so that we can better create other social networking opportunities for seniors.

Walnut Village is a great example of how we’ve incorporated emerging smart home technologies. Using a simple passive infrared (IR) sensor that detects motion, we can accomplish a variety of goals across the campus.

For example, if no motion is detected, we can send someone to check on you. If you go on vacation, the sensor becomes a home security system. And for people in our memory support neighborhood, it can tell a caregiver when a resident gets out of bed at night.

It’s not about the sensor; it’s what we can do with it to enhance people’s lives. And it’s not just our residents who benefit. As a 501(c)(3), Front Porch is chartered with benefiting the larger senior community. So we’re sharing these successes with the world.

We’re partnering with large companies on a variety of senior-focused solutions, major universities like USC and UCSF, that are doing creative, leading edge research, and smaller companies as well, like LifeBio, which helps seniors write their life stories. We’re headed wherever our residents take us.

And we’re looking for people who want to get involved. If you’re a technology vendor, consider letting us beta test your product or service like Dakim and Life Bio did. We assure you that you’ll be getting a great research partner in the deal.

If you’re interested in working for Front Porch and you’re a tech buff, or just a staff person interested in how we care for people, you should know that we’re a company committed to being as innovative and leading edge as we can. Come and join the fun.

And if you’re a current or future resident, know that we’re listening to you, that we’re researching solutions to your needs, and that we’re incorporating some of the world’s most innovative technologies to help you live life your way, and realize your dreams.

To contact our Front Porch Center for Innovation and Wellbeing, email Davis Park at or call 818-729-8176. And visit our press releases to learn more about specific Center announcements.